Benefits of Resin Injection For Subsidence Repair

Why Resin Injection For Structural Repairs?

One of the main benefits include the non-invasive way in which it can be delivered. Using a process likened to keyhole surgery, an expanding polyurethane resin mix is delivered into the ground via an array of small bore injection tubes. A chemical reaction and consequent expansion occurs as the components mix together, upon entry to the ground. This reaction and expansion strengthens the ground and the structure or building is returned to level in a controlled manner. The resin forms a strong, long lasting and stable material that is environmentally inert.

resin injection underpinning

If you have experienced ground subsidence you will know that it can cause problems with the structure of the of the way the concrete and the brickwork is set and you will notice the initial signs of subsidence and signs of settlement especially across new properties no matter whether residential or commercial. If these are left untreated it can become a costly experience.

Adding resin injection will help this and provide assurance that your property will be pinned with the hard resin injection that will last and is strong enough for all types of buildings. Good quality resin injection underpinning will help to raise and level the ground works and is a vital part of any build.

A good quality resin injection underpinning company will be able to assess your needs in more detail, but if you are thinking of structural repairs then resin will be a great choice for your underpinning needs.